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New desk for our laptop!

<< My avatar that I made ^^ Like it?? Anyways, we bought a new desk for our laptop! It's pretty flash!

When we first bought it. Us girls (me, my sister and my cousin) tried to put it together. We tried so hard and then we got this much done >> _ << that's right! NOTHING!

So we decided to call our friend. He came with another friend and they done everything in an hour! We were only little kids so we don't know better. But our cousin is 16!

So then we cleaned out living room. Moced the laptop and all the things with it and moved the other desk out of the way. We also cleaned it.

My mum also made my auntie's delicious shepherd pie! yum!!

That's all for now. I'm gonna watch Jump In now. It better be good since they made us wait for ages!

My cousin's blog
Jump In Official Site

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10:49 PM Friday, April 13, 2007

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