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Yay!! OMG! I recovered some of my ooooold pixels!!! Look!!

I'm so happy!! I'll see if I can find more!!

Oh yeah, I made that avatar. Like it?

I got my 1st holy communion today. I got a medal, a certificate and other things.

PS. New layout coming soon.


Got the layout up!! The layout was made be Shiraine @ but coded by me. Like it? I made the sig too.

Twin Designs

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4:51 PM Saturday, April 28, 2007


Today from Biotechnology, we took home so plants. I don't know what it's called but it's a NZ native plant. We made the Potting Mix from scratch. First we made a compost. It took us.. about 9 weeks to make it. the we added things to make Potting Mix.

I named him Billy Bob Joe II after Billy Bob Joe my Parsley plant. Who got eaten by a rat! I hope BBJ II wont.

And.... new pixels!!

Here's a cat:

Here's a tiger cat!

Aren't they cute? I haven't pixelled for a while. I miss it sooo much. It's been ageees.

I have just been think about my futre site. I'm gonna make it a design/blog/personal/portofolio site. One day when I'm good enough...

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12:14 AM Thursday, April 26, 2007

A job? For me?

School started a couple of days ago. Nothing much changed, except Jackie noticed that most of the guys have growned taller. I have noticed that too. I also noticed that Dylan's voice has changed. It's gone lower. It was funny cus he he usually sound like a girl.

I might get a job in a couple of weeks. My mum called these people so I can deliver junk mail. But they said that it was full but they will call me back in a couple of weeks cus someone might quit.

My sensei from karate said I HAVE to go to this tournament cus I missed the Easter Tournament and he really wanted me to go there cus I might've won something. But I wasnt ready then. I just have to ask my dad...

Today is Anzac Day. Anzac stands for;

New Zealand

It's a international day celebrated by the Autralian and New Zealand people in rememberance of the people who went to war. Some died and some were lucky enough to survive.

On Anzac Day people wear a Poppy flower. Because where the army was buried, no flowers gre except for the poppy. It looks like this:

There's also a poem called In Flanders Field. Which I will post later on.

Today, remember all the people who went to war to fight bravely for their country. Anywhere, you live, it doesn't matter. And let's hope there weon't be another war.

Least We Forget

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2:57 PM Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New layout!

I got the new layout up! Do you like it? This is probably temporary.. But I like it. It's really clourful.

Well. that's all for now. I can't be on for much longer.


10:23 PM Friday, April 20, 2007

Couple of things

Hey! I've been absent from the internet world cus I've been playing The Sims. Yes! We bought it!

I also made some things on Adobe Photoshop! Aren't they cool?

And Kurnia, if you're reading this, please teach me cool Adobe Photoshop things :D Pllleeeaaasseee

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3:05 AM Thursday, April 19, 2007


Yesterday I went to Jackie's and I spent the night there! It was my first ever sleepover!

It was really fun but I didn't get enough sleep so I'm really, really dizzy and I've got a headache. Jenny also gave us $5 ea which we can soend on books but I didn't spend mine cus I wanted to save it for The Sims FULLHOUSE.

It has every Sims 1 for $50 dollars! I'm paying $15, my sister is paying $15 and my cousin is paying $20.

Oh yeah, my sister, Agnes (remember her?) made another site. It's still under construction. It's called Plushie Fun. I'm not making a site now but I'm making a site later on in the year... or next year... Sites are just too hard.

I also made Agnes a logo for her site. Look!

Like it? Give me feedback!

The Sims Official Site
Plushie Fun (under construction)

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5:24 PM Sunday, April 15, 2007

New desk for our laptop!

<< My avatar that I made ^^ Like it?? Anyways, we bought a new desk for our laptop! It's pretty flash!

When we first bought it. Us girls (me, my sister and my cousin) tried to put it together. We tried so hard and then we got this much done >> _ << that's right! NOTHING!

So we decided to call our friend. He came with another friend and they done everything in an hour! We were only little kids so we don't know better. But our cousin is 16!

So then we cleaned out living room. Moced the laptop and all the things with it and moved the other desk out of the way. We also cleaned it.

My mum also made my auntie's delicious shepherd pie! yum!!

That's all for now. I'm gonna watch Jump In now. It better be good since they made us wait for ages!

My cousin's blog
Jump In Official Site

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10:49 PM Friday, April 13, 2007

Scribbles & pixels

I decided I should start showing my arts again :D I miss doing pixels and scribbels XD

Then people can take it. I'll list the links in my side bar on the labels. Here's just an experiment:

Since my computer got restarted. ALL my pixels and scribbles are GONE. There ARE some left. If you have any from my old site, please tell me :(

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6:27 PM Thursday, April 12, 2007

New layout on the way!

Today I made a new layout for this blog. I will post it... probably next week. It's quite different from this one. It's very COLOURFUL! And it's also ver BIG.

But it's not bad, i'm very proud of it. I'm still getting a hang of blogger tags and stuffs so it will get better.

Well that's all for now, I'm happy with this layout too :D so I'll wait. I only hvae too change the Cbox settings :)

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12:33 AM

Shopping Spree!

Today, my cousin and I went on a shopping spree in Napier! We went with her cousin cus we met up with them in the Library.

We took the bus to Napier we shopped and stuff. It was boring when my cousin was choosing things though.

I got a white dress for my baptism! I'm getting baptised next week on Saturday so I needed a white dress. Here's my dress >>

Like it? lol. Anyways, my cousin spent about $60 That dress was on sale and it was only $10! I know! It's very cheap! we bought it at Glassons.

I also got this ribbon hairband thing :D it's really cool! It's on my head in the picture. My cousin's friend didn't buy anything!! Except KFC which we had for lunch.

My cousin bought heaps of things!! She's a shopping machine and fyi shopping is hard work. My legs hurt!

My cousin's blog
My picture

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10:56 PM Monday, April 9, 2007

You're in the paper!

Guess who I saw in the newspaper yesterday? Jackie, Shannon (her sister) and Pi(guy from our karate club)!

Well, there was a bit about Shannon and Jackie but the article was mostly about Pi. I found out that he use to be a national Maori surfer champion. And also, in an average day he climbs up and down 200 ladders!! 200 ladders per day 5 days peer week!

It was also about the Easter tournamnet and how Shihan Solomon is retiring. He is pretty old.

My dad's gonna bring my cousin's karaoke microphone from Indonesia. Or as she calls it her 'weapon of destruction'. it's gonna be so fun!! :D

My cousin's blog

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2:08 PM Sunday, April 8, 2007

Kancho Matsushima and Shihan Taylor

[06/04/07] WOW! You will never believe it but I met the president and vice president of Kyokushin karate international!!!

I went to their seminar. It was like any other seminars. Anyway, in the end we took pictures... lots of them. I always made sure I was next to Shihan or Kancho. In the second photo Shihan stepped on my toes! Ouch!

Then they came to our dojo. More photos! Man, was I tired of smiling that day. I might be bale to go to their other seminar on Monday to get Kancho's autograph :)

[07/04/07] Well, our laptop broke yesterday but we got it fixed. The bad thing is, they had to restore all the files. Which means ALL of the things that use to be in our laptop is GONE. I have to start all over again!

I also watched The Legend of Lucy Keyes. It was a blimmin good movie! You all should watch it. But it's kind of scary so if you get scared easily I wouldn't recommend so.

And of course, Happy Easter!

Kancho Yoshikazu Matsushima
Shihan John Taylor
The Legend of Lucy Keyes

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12:01 AM Saturday, April 7, 2007

Why I closed my site

Hey any expert of Adobe Photoshop who are reading this! I really need tutorials and help on Adobe Photoshop. Please comment with links to tutorials or anything. Thank you!

Some people has asked me if I'm going to make another site. The answer is YES. Not soon though. I mean like... in a VERY VERY long time. I'm really too busy wth school now.

That's the reason I closed my older site. I didn't even have time for homwework. Most of my affies were so demanding. If I didn't like.... give them a message in a week I get deleted. And I had ovr 30 affies LOL

The other big reason was COPYCATS. OMG! I never knew there was that much copycats in this internet world. So lots of people copied me. It's really hard to be strong when everyone's like that.

Oh yeah, I go to karate training! It's so fun. I love it. It's my hobby. Do you think a 12 year old girl should give up her life to internet? Lots of people are like that now. Like, in the internet for 20 hours per day.

That's why I closed my site.

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9:13 PM Monday, April 2, 2007

Ding Dong! The Witch is... still alive :(

Yeah, the witch is still alive! Any ideas of how to kill a witch? Anything that doesn't involve water and melting?

Well, it all started long ago, in 2005 to be exact. This new girl came to school, let's call her Witch. It all started fine, well to be honest I didn't like her from the moment I looked at her face. Not bcause she was ugly or anything, it just that I have a special talent to judge people's personality by looking at their face.

She started playing with Jackie and I and it continued like that. Last year we started playing with Alice. I like Alice more than Witch for reaosns you will know soon. Then late last year this other girl started playing with us, let's call her Annoying.

Well, witch (being the witch that she is) didn't like Annoying. And she said "Annoying is trying to take my place! She's trying to steal you guys (Jackie and I) from me!" and I said "Guess what, Witch? Annoying has been our friend since way before you even came to NZ!" << that is true.

She keeps getting mad and stuffs everyday and acts all guilty at the end of the day and asks for forgiveness. Until one day we refused to forgive her. She started acting guilty adn spreading rumours about us. Well, the thing is she is MEAN to Alice, she's only nice to me because Jackie and I are bestest best bestie best friends.

Once she went around school asking "What do you think about me? Be honest, I can take it." and when she asked Annoying, Annoying said Witch was mean, annoying, socially impaired (which is true) and other bad things I can't remember. And she got mad!!! OMG!!! She told ppl what Annoying said about her. And I was like in my mind, didn't she say 'Be honest, I can take it'? And when she asked me I said "It's personal" cus I don't want to swear in school :D

Now, she still plays with us and acts like NOTHING ever happened!!! This morning Alice caught Witch looking in Jackie's desk. Alice said "What are you doing looking in Jackie's desk ?!" and she said "But Jackie is my bestest bestie best friend." I was like (in my mind) HEY THATS OUR THING!!! which it is... The thing is Jackie keeps private things in there!!!

I hate her and her guts. Jackie hates her too, so does Alice and Annoying. We just want to tell her GO AWAY WE DON'T LIKE YOU!!!!!!! Can't wait till the holidays, no witchy behaivour for 2 weeks!! YES!!

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8:21 PM Sunday, April 1, 2007

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