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Hi and welcome to my blog. I'm Catherine and this blog is called Ain't No Other Me. Read about my life and my thoughts. I'm not as you boring as you think. Oh yeah, don't forget to leave a message!
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A job? For me?

School started a couple of days ago. Nothing much changed, except Jackie noticed that most of the guys have growned taller. I have noticed that too. I also noticed that Dylan's voice has changed. It's gone lower. It was funny cus he he usually sound like a girl.

I might get a job in a couple of weeks. My mum called these people so I can deliver junk mail. But they said that it was full but they will call me back in a couple of weeks cus someone might quit.

My sensei from karate said I HAVE to go to this tournament cus I missed the Easter Tournament and he really wanted me to go there cus I might've won something. But I wasnt ready then. I just have to ask my dad...

Today is Anzac Day. Anzac stands for;

New Zealand

It's a international day celebrated by the Autralian and New Zealand people in rememberance of the people who went to war. Some died and some were lucky enough to survive.

On Anzac Day people wear a Poppy flower. Because where the army was buried, no flowers gre except for the poppy. It looks like this:

There's also a poem called In Flanders Field. Which I will post later on.

Today, remember all the people who went to war to fight bravely for their country. Anywhere, you live, it doesn't matter. And let's hope there weon't be another war.

Least We Forget

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2:57 PM Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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