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Hi and welcome to my blog. I'm Catherine and this blog is called Ain't No Other Me. Read about my life and my thoughts. I'm not as you boring as you think. Oh yeah, don't forget to leave a message!
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Yesterday I went to Jackie's and I spent the night there! It was my first ever sleepover!

It was really fun but I didn't get enough sleep so I'm really, really dizzy and I've got a headache. Jenny also gave us $5 ea which we can soend on books but I didn't spend mine cus I wanted to save it for The Sims FULLHOUSE.

It has every Sims 1 for $50 dollars! I'm paying $15, my sister is paying $15 and my cousin is paying $20.

Oh yeah, my sister, Agnes (remember her?) made another site. It's still under construction. It's called Plushie Fun. I'm not making a site now but I'm making a site later on in the year... or next year... Sites are just too hard.

I also made Agnes a logo for her site. Look!

Like it? Give me feedback!

The Sims Official Site
Plushie Fun (under construction)

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5:24 PM Sunday, April 15, 2007

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